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See Attractions in the Black Forest

10. Schwarzwaldhochstrasse

Easily one of the most spectacular drives in Europe, let alone Germany, the Black Forest High Street, or Schwarzwaldhochstrasse, is no Autobahn but a theme route par excellence that cuts a pretty path from Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt.


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9. Triberg Waterfall

The height of Triberg Waterfalls may not rival Kaieteur Falls in Guyana or Angel Falls in Venezuela but nonethless, the cascade is a notable point of interest. The wasserfalldominates the beautiful little town of Triberg im Schwarzwald, which contains some pretty nice museums, railway tunnels and shops. Read the rest of this entry »

The Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devils are the largest carnivorous marsupials in the world.  They are impossible to mistake for anything else.  They are as black as the night, often with a crescent of white on their chests and sometimes their rumps.  Being nocturnal, they’re not too easy to see in the wild, but if you are out bush-camping, especially in the West of the state, you might hear their unmistakable scary noises. Usually quiet, shy and solitary animals, they are famous for their rowdy feeding, when up to 12 may share a carcass.  The variety of fierce noises range from hissing and screeching to harsh coughs, sharp sneezes and snarls.  Named by the early European settlers, they were despised for their raids on poultry and were considered so bad that a bounty was placed on their head in the 1930s. Read the rest of this entry »

National Trust offers free entry to over 200 of its houses and gardens

National Trust offers free entry to over 200 of its houses and gardens

Spring has finally sprung and the National Trust is encouraging us all to make the most of the sun (fingers crossed) this weekend by offering free admission to over 200 of its houses and gardens.

History buffs can step back in time with Lord and Lady Astor at Cliveden House in Berkshire (pictured above), or take part in a free guided history tour at Morden Hall Park in south London and Tudor games at Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire.

There’ll also be a medieval weaponry course at Corfe Castle in Dorset (pictured below) and a medieval mysteries walk in Towthorpe in Yorkshire.

42-31335690 Read the rest of this entry »

Pyengana, Tasmania St Helens’ Country Cousin

Pyengana, Tasmania

One emerging town, where farming meets wilderness meets food, is St Helens’ country cousin: Pyengana, a lesser known masterpiece of Tasmania’s North East coast located just 30 kilometres inland.

Pyengana is an unlikely gem offering many go-to places amongst its blankets of pasture, forests and food stops. A wonderful variant to the sun soaked sands of St Helens.


Pub in the Paddock

Perhaps the most unique of the Pyengana must sees is the Pub in the Paddock, where Pricilla the pig greets you with her sparsely haired chin and greedy little eyes. She is after a drink, as her sign suggests, so why not ask the staff in the pub if you can get her what she wants? Apart from its pig, the Pub in the Paddock offers accommodation, meals and take-away. It is located on Saint Columba Falls Road, a turn off the Tasman Highway. Read the rest of this entry »


How to Explore the Amazon Rain Forest
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Stretching more than 2 million square miles, the Amazon rain forest challenges an adventurer’s physical ability and knowledge of animal and plant species — a plus for many travelers. Since the rain forest stretches across nine countries including Peru, Brazil and Columbia, you have several choices for Amazonian destinations. Your rain forest experience largely depends on how willing you are to travel without everyday conveniences like air conditioning and hot showers. If you have limited knowledge about the area, book a vacation with a proven adventure company and travel with a group.

Step 1

Travel the Amazon River by boat to explore the rain forest. Book an expedition with companies like Amazon Mystery Tours ( or Amazon Explorer ( Touring groups offer different itineraries to accommodate your physical strength, vacation length and budget. Visit the company’s website for details about routes and difficulty of exploration. Some sites have color-coded charts that assign each tour a difficulty rating. Read the rest of this entry »

Shoes That Replicate Being Barefoot May Be Bad For Your Bones

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Alan McStravick for – Your Universe Online

If you’ve expressed any interest in exercise on Google or ‘liked’ a themed race on Facebook, you have, more likely than not, had targeted advertising pop-ups introducing you to the growing trend of minimalist and barefoot footwear. On running trails and at races, the prevalence of ‘barefoot running’ has likely not gone unnoticed.

In a new study by researchers from Brigham Young University (BYU), the benefits and pitfalls of this relatively new footwear are explored.

In the scope of human history, shoes designed specifi Read the rest of this entry »


Brazilian Soft Skin Tips
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In recent years, Brazil has become known as a source of beauty and skin care products. Experts from the Bella Sugar website say that the sudden increase in interest over Brazilian beauty and skin care products stem from the special ingredients found in the country’s Amazon Rain Forest. According to “Devotion to Beauty Paying Off for Brazil,” a 2007 article published by “The New York Times’ Magazine,” the Amazon Rain Forest harbors about 13,000 different species of plants. However, according to beauty experts, only about 1 percent of those plants is used as ingredients in cosmetics.

Use Caffeine-Based Beauty Products

Caffeine can be found in some moisturizers and even body scrubs. According to an article in a September 2002 issue of “Shape” magazine, a temporary benefit of caffeine is its ability to briefly plump and smooth the skin. Also, caffeine may have skin-renewing properties. According to the Energy Fiend website, the University of Washington in Seattle conducted a study that involved exposing hea Read the rest of this entry »


Your upper body is what will power you during swimming, but excess lower body motion can cost you precious energy.
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Let’s say you decide to take a swim. In the early morning light, armed with fresh new goggles and a cap, you hit the pool. Images of Michael Phelps and Dara Torres run through your head. But before you finish the first lap, you can hardly breathe.

Don’t sweat it. “Swimming takes longer to adapt to than any other sport,” says Gerry Rodrigues, a Los Angeles-based swim instructor who’s been coaching for 30 years. Even if you’re a marathon runner or have logged hours on the stair-climber, you have to acclimate to the new breathing pattern swimming requires, as well as the weightlessness the activity causes.

“We’re used to moving our bodies on land,” says Rodrigues, “But we have very little practice moving in the water. So the learning curve increases.”

The good news? Swimming is worth the effort. This full-body workout improves both your cardiovascular fitness and your muscular strength – all while causing no impact shock to your body. (Where do injured runners go? The pool!) And if you swim regularly, you’ll see progress within a month. “Commit to a doing a block of 10 swims over the course of three weeks and you’ll be amazed at the body’s uncanny ability to adapt,” says Rodrigues.
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Do Golf Shoes Help You Play Better Golf?

Do Golf Shoes Help You Play Better Golf?Having the right golf shoes can help make any golfer feel comfortable on the course. Golf shoes give you support during your round and provide you with stability as you swing the club. This is particularly true of shots taken from uneven terrain. Golf shoes are waterproof and they keep your feet dry during inclement weather. Golf shoes make a statement about your personality and you can feel good about yourself when you look good on the golf course.


Golf shoes have grips on the bottom of the soles that keep your feet firmly planted on the ground during the course of your swing. The new technology has removed spikes from golf shoes and replaced them with grips that keep you from slipping when you swing your club. This is particularly true of shots in wet weather when you may slip as you shift your weight from your back leg to your front leg.


The grips on your golf shoes will play a k Read the rest of this entry »

20 Common Phrases to Know When Traveling Abroad

When you travel abroad, it may not be to an English speaking country.  It is wise to be prepared for anything that may occur.  You may need to ask for general assistance, request price information, directions, and locations for food and transportation.  You may also need to be able to communicate in an emergency and notify people of your medical condition as well as any special needs you or your companions may have.

Below is a list of 20 helpful phrases that are valuable to know when traveling.  Adapt these phrases as necessary so they are appropriate to your travel destination.   It is also useful to write the foreign translation next to the phrases below should you forget what you wanted to say, or are unable to speak for any reason.

1. Do you speak English?
2. My name is __________.
3. Can you speak more slowly?
4. Where can I find a bus/taxi?
5. Where can I find a train/metro?
6. Can you take me to the airport please?
7. How much does this cost?
8. Do you take credit cards?
9. Where is the nearest bathroom?
10. Where can I get something to eat?
11. Can you show me on a map how to get there?
12. Will you write that down for me?
13. I need help.
14. I’m lost.
15. I am an American citizen.
16. Please call the American Embassy.
17. Please call the police.
18. I need a doctor.
19. My blood type is ______.
20. I’m allergic to _______.

As an alternative, there are many great pocket translators or phrasebooks that you can carry with you which are handy in an emergency.